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udae washer

Haddock's Exclusive Custom-Made USAE Hybrid Hardened Washers

Up to 36% larger and up to 37% thicker than standard hardened washers for greater strength.



Haddock Hardened Industrial Washers 

Maximize torque down Minimize breakdown
Bending under pressure = washer failure
...and can cost you a fortune!

Haddock Custom Square Steel Construction Washers

Today's building codes often require the use of square washers.

With our interchangeable tooling, we can produce exactly what you need with no or low tooling charge and rapid lead time.

Haddock Custom Steel Rectangular Washers

Rectangular washers are also produced on our interchangeable tooling, resulting in many combinations of length, width, thickness and diameter, and shape of holes.


Haddock washers are made in the USA!

 All products are shipped in plain boxes.

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